Sugar Cravings: Get Rid Of It Before It Rids It Of You

There are certainly many mind-boggling statistics concerning sugar cravings and it would come as quite a surprise to you to know that an average American takes in as much as nearly one hundred sixty pounds of sugar in a year which is more than twenty-five percent more than what it was thirty years ago. What makes matters worse is that most people find it very difficult to control their sugar intake though there are some nutritionists that have come up with effective ways to cut down sugar cravings. Continue reading

Knowing the types of Antidepressant of yours

One of the most serious problems that people faced nowadays is the depression. The nature of the depression leads it to going unnoticed and untreated. As it has been shown in the statistic, everybody had experienced the depression and the differences are how long that that person lost in the mood. The antidepressant might help to get away from the depression mood, but there are still many risks that come with it. However, not everybody can have such a good result form the certain types of antidepressant. Continue reading

How stop the snore and have a good sleep

Many people now are facing with the hard work and stress which leads to the difficulty in getting the nice and peaceful sleep. There are many people who are dealing with stress at home during the time that they should be in bed, nearly every night that they are can not sleep. Besides those factors that cause them can not sleep wee, the snoring from their partner is also one of the factors. Continue reading

Atkins Diet: Atkins Recipes, Atkins Reviews, Atkins Diet Plan, Atkins Menu

The Atkins Diet has been named after its founder Dr Atkins who was a doctor by profession and had specialization in heart conditions. He first introduced Atkins Diet in 1972 and issued the renovated version of it in early 90’s. Since then, Atkins Diet has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide and it really has success stories in millions! Continue reading

Laughter Therapy

They say Laughter is the best medicine. They cannot be more correct. A dose of happiness is whatl you need to keep you body and mind healthy. Happy people are phsically healthier and seldomly fall ill.Here are a few reasons why you should say cheese more often than you do. Continue reading

Summer Vegetables: Extract the maximum out of them!

As the summer starts rolling, nature steps in and plays it crucial part. By choosing the summer vegetables and then cooking them the right way, we can really reduce the cruelty of the environment. As a general rule, all vegetables are mild enough to suit all constitutions, but some veggies are very beneficial to certain constitutions while others may be neutral. Continue reading

Sample Low Sodium Diet Recipe

People with high blood pressure or heart diseases are advised to take a low sodium diet. Sodium is basically a mineral needed by our body to regulate fluid balance. Excess sodium is removed via kidneys but in some case, excess of sodium can cause body to retain too much fluid which can further lead to kidney or heart related diseases. Hence it is always advisable to take sodium up to 1500 gms per day only. This is equal to 1-1.5 teaspoons of Table Salt which is a prime source of Sodium. Continue reading